Tuesday, June 7, 2011

9 Years and 4 Years

My angel, Cris Embleton, whom we are eternally grateful to for making it possible for the girls to come here. We love you Grandma Cris!!

What a celebratory day it is in our family. Josie and Teresa arrived conjoined at the head from Guatemala 9 years ago today. I never in my wildest dreams knew how much my life would change for the better when that plane touched down at Burbank airport and I was able to set my eyes, heart and hands on them for the first time. What a pleasure it has been to love these girls so much and to be surrounded by their greatness.

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweetest nephew, Luke Michael Richards. You are are bubbly, fun and energetic 4 year old!! You bring so much excitement and joy to our lives. It was another blessing that you also arrived in our lives on June 7th.

Look at how hard they hare laughing!! What joy these two have together.

Because they say things come in 3's, June 7th 8 years ago we got Josie out of the hospital after they returned to LA from Guatemala. This is the moment that she launched into my life for good. We Love June 7th!!! Thank you God for the blessings of this day and everyday. Love, Jenny and Josie

Adorable video of the girls laughing together. I thought Teresa was going to start belly laughing when Josie was doing this. I love these moments.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doing well

Josie has been doing so well. She wanted me to write on her blog that she is doing really well in school. She is learning so much and loves to be with her friends. She is such a little peacekeeper. It is great to see the other kids embrace all of her abilities and adapt to her disabilities.

Tonight we went to Party City to get some supplies for her Girl Scout camp out on Friday night. I missed a great opportunity for a photo op. She was in her stander, glasses on, pink purse over her shoulder and her red super hero cap around her neck. Priceless.

She has been using her Polish walker with Joy at PE and really increasing her distance. She will be running with it soon, I hope. Thanks for checking in. Love, Jenny and Josie

This is dictated by Josie...PS. She loves school. The End.