Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can't get the pictures under today's post so please scroll down to the end to see them. Thanks.

Day 2

Hi All- I wanted to start today by wishing my cousin, Josh Meador, the best of luck in Afghanstan . He is going with the Navy for the next 7 months to teach the Afghan doctors to care for their own people. Good job to you and all our service men and women. Thank you for your service and keeping us safe.

Now onto Josie. She had another very successful day at therapy. I was able to get a few pictures to show what she is doing. With any luck, I will get the video to download. We had a cute thing happen at the pool tonight. The lady that is in charge of the synchronized swim progam was watching Josie swim. She was so intrigued by the fact that she could move so well in the water(despite her disablities) she asked her to join the little Chicks team. Josie was squeeling with delight. She saw the show last year and really wanted to do it. She will go to her first practice Thursday. We'll see if it is even feisable and that it doesn't tire her out for therapy. I'll do whatever it takes if she wants to do it. The lady asked me to wear a black swim suit so I blend in...good luck!

Short post tonight. My best to all. Jenny

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 1 in Michigan

I wanted to set up something that people could access to check up on Josie's progress. I have been delightfully overwhelmed with the amount of people interested in her life and walking journey. I can't say enough how grateful I am for your thoughts, concerns and prayers for Josie. Bear with me as most of you know the computer and I don't always get along. I will try to post daily and post pictures.

Josie's whole life has been an amazing journey. Without recounting in this post the whole thing I will start where we are now. You can check in the next day or so and read about our history. I will let you know when that is posted.

Josie and I are in Detroit, Michigan for intensive walking therapy. This will be our third summer at this program. Everyone always asks why Michigan? The person that invented this specialized suit therapy in Poland brought it to the US more specifically Michigan. She is the foremost leading expert in this therapy. In a nut shell, Josie will be trained like a professional athelete 5 days a week from 3 -4 hours a day for 6 weeks through sweat, tears, laughter and commitment on her part. This will retrain and strengthen the necessary muscles in order to walk, transition, almost anything else related to mobility. You can go to there website to learn more...www.therasuit.com.

We got here on Sunday after a wonderful weekend in Chicago with the incredible people from Direction for our Times. We met so many dynamic families and people and enjoyed the weekend's festivities. Thanks DFOT for having us!!

We got to Grosse Point (where we are staying) and as we came into town Josie sighed with relief to be back here and exclaimed, "It is good to be back." If any of you saw one moment of what is actually required of her here you would wonder why she doesn't have nightmares. She is my hero and so much tougher than I would be. Mrs. Julie Whitman is lending us her gorgeous house for the 6 weeks. She was so compelled by Josie's story that she offered her house. Thank you Mrs. Whitman.

Today was Josie's first workout day. She never wants me to leave her the first week. It usually takes a bit of getting used to. Today after saying hi to everyone and getting her situated she said G. O. go mom. I was shocked, excited and then lost. I wasn't expecting that. Glad. In the past years, I leave for the strength training part (2 1/2 hours) and return for the last 45 minutes which is when they work on the actual walking. I can learn how to train her at that point. Sylvia (her trainer) this week was overjoyed at the strength, mobility and mindset she got over this past year...Thanks Susan and Jen at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles rehad department for that. Josie also has an incredible mindset this year. She is determined to do this. With lots of hard work, prayers from all of you and the grace of God she will. I have never met at soul with so much heart and determination to beat the odds. She is an inspiration.

After therapy we went swimming. It is the only thing she can physically do outside of the gym. They need all her strength to work her so I can't have her do any walking or other exercise besides swimming and getting those muscles loosened up. So she works out for 3 - 4 hours and swims for 1 -2 more hours. I wish I could do all that. We have an amazing pool at the "park". I will post pictures of this place. It is on the lake with an amazing pool area, tennis courts, docks, a club house that looks like Jenny Raulli designed it for Martha Stewart Living(gorgeous) and a beach. This is their "public" facility. Thanks to our cousins, Roger and Jeanie Hull, for getting us the pass. We will use it everyday. Speaking of Roger and Jeanie, we got to see them tonight. We hope to see my Great Aunt Harriet tomorrow. We all live within 3 blocks. Perfect.

Sorry for the long post. I will try to keep them shorter in the future. Thanks again for all the love and support. As much as we like it here, we do miss California. Hope everyone is well and happy. Jenny