Friday, August 7, 2009

We Are Home!!

We made it!! What a whirlwind of 6 weeks. It is shocking to see how far Josie has come when I really reflect back on our time at therapy. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to return with her. I would have been devastated to get this far and then come to a halt. It will be a nice 3 week break but not without some more hard work from both Josie and I. They have put together a daily regime for Josie and I to do together while we are away so she doesn't lose any strength or her new walking.

We actually landed last night and I got home in time to go to my monthly cards group. It was so amazing to see my dear friends who I have missed so much. They are all such a source of encouragement for me. Thanks all you Dealing Divas!!

Tomorrow is my 20th year high school reunion which will be fun. Then on Sunday it is back to work on therapy. Will update soon. We miss you Michigan but so happy to see you California. Our love, Jenny and Josie

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