Sunday, August 30, 2009

We're back!!

A glow from the fire on the hills of La Canada

Josie, Raychel and Matt at the beach on Lake Tahoe

The Heydorff Family - Kalee, Holly and Mark

Golfing with Josie, Lele, Matt and Bo

Michele and Matt at the Martis Camp pool

Josie and cousin Fiona at the Delta

We are officially back in Michigan. What a whirlwind of 3 weeks. We had such a great time with the whole family including the extended family at the Delta. Happy 84th birthday Grandma Ellie. We were so lucky to all be there to celebrate our wonderful Grandma. After we left the Delta, Josie and I went to Tahoe to see Michele, Brian, Matt and Jeff. We got to spend 4 incredible days at Martis Camp in Truckee. I can't even begin to describe what an amazing place this is. Brian and Jeff are in charge of the marketing and sales for this exclusive, private family resort and community. Check it out at It will take your breath away. We had friends visiting there as well and Josie and Matt were both excited to play with Bo and Lele. We swam in the pool which is Josie's favorite. There is a family barn there that has an art loft, bowling alley, movie theater, games, karaoke, basketball court and so much more. We could have spent 4 days in there and still needed more time to do it all. The Heydorff's came over one afternoon and Mark (Kalee's dad) was so excited to get fishing that he ran straight there without even coming into the barn. It was like shooting fish in a barrel huh Mark? We loved seeing them. Kalee and her mom, Holly, joined us for art in the art room and milkshakes. Did I mention the barn has it's own old fashion soda fountain...quick get me out of there. Josie and Matt had a great time playing together. He is so sweet to her. Michele, Raychel, Josie, Matt and I spent one of the days at the beach on Lake Tahoe. It was so nice to let the kids play and to visit with the girls. Mich, Brian, Jeff and I stayed up one night just visiting and laughing our heads off. Always fun to be with my brothers and sister in law. I always tell Jeff that we are batting a thousand for in laws and if we ever got married we would inevitably mess it up!! Yeah Mich and Mike.

When Josie and I returned on Thursday, half of La Canada seemed to be on fire. Steph, Mike and Luke had to evacuate that night. They are still out tonight (Sunday). The fire was literally at the top of their street. My parents were never under mandatory evacuation but the fire was up the street so we got all the pictures and valuables out. Thanks to Jim Yundt for helping my dad while my mom was throwing a wedding shower for our dear friend, Julia Yundt. By the Grace of God and some incredible work on the firemen's part La Canada was saved. There is an enormous amount of damage to the Angeles National Forest. Josie was so cute every time she saw the fire flare up she would say run animals run. She was so concerned about them dying.

Today we got back on the plane and are settled back in Michigan. We are so happy to be back because we all know what this could mean. A couple of days ago Josie said I don't want to go back. (I had a felling I would hear this after the incredible 3 weeks we had so I was prepared with a response). I told her it was her choice and we didn't have to go. I also explained that this might be her only chance or at least her best chance of ever being able to walk. She said it is such hard work. I explained that no matter when it happened it would only be possible with a lot of hard work. I told her if you ever want to be able to walk and play with your friends you will have to do this or if you ever want to go where you want to go you have to put in the hard work. She thought for a moment and with a big grin she said yeah I want to do this let's go. and that was it. I let her have control of the situation because it has to come from her. I unfortunately can't do the work for her I can only put her in the right situation to get it done. Ok Sylvia and Prezemek we are back and ready to go!!

We will miss you all in LC and look forward to returning and being back in life with you. Grosse Pointe we are here again for a few more months of fun and will happily leave before you begin to freeze here!! (Please dethaw before we come in April!!) Many thanks to all for your love and support. This will be a big push and could definitely use the thoughts and prayers. Love to all, Jenny and Josie


  1. we've been thinking about you guys! everytime we drive to the hospital and watch the fires, we wonder how your place is doing!
    let us know if there is anything we can do to help if needed.
    the nelsons

  2. Look at Bo! He is so big! It has been so long since I have seen him. His sister is adorable!