Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to School

Our Brownie Troop and the La Canada High School Song Girls

Our girls couldn't stand not taking at least one picture with their pom poms waving!

Josie went back to school today after 3 weeks. She received a very warm welcome back. I think everyone in the class came in and hugged her. When she went to P.E. her P.E. group started clapping when she rode her bike in. These kids are amazing! She will need a few days to get back in the swing of things.

I was told there would be an aid starting today. To my very big surprise that didn't happen. Patience.

I brought her home after lunch so we could do her walking and standing routine before we had Brownies today. She is doing so well walking. Przemek- you will be so happy with her left foot. She is stepping forward so nicely with it. I am doing all the cues like you said. Also the new canes will be here tomorrow. I will video her on Thursday when we are at Liz's. She is working well at home. Yesterday she actually told me she needed to practice. I almost fell over.

At Brownies today, we went to La Canada High School and the song girls taught the girls cheers. They absolutely loved it. What a hit. If any of you reading this want a great activity call your local high school. The HS girls enjoyed themselves as much as the 2nd graders. Our troop learned a few cheers to do at the end of the year camp out. They are all in love with their new pom poms. Josie actually caught on fairly quickly. When the girls asked our girls if they were going to try out for cheer leading in high school all but one said yes. The one wasn't Josie. She actually answered, "yeah, I will be walking by then." (and your mom will be your biggest cheerleader.)

After Brownies, Steph and I attempted a walk with the kids. Remember Steph as a 2 1/2 year old, Luke and a 5 week old, Carson. It was a comedy. I think we walked maybe 2 1/2 miles in oh let's say 2 1/2 hours. The kids were hungry, many potty stops, pharmacy and grocery store stops, run into half your family in Trader Joes, baby in need of milk so we sat in the back of Grams and Gramps car. Carson nursed while the rest of us had desert. So whatever exercise we attempted to get went by the wayside with desert. What fun. Steph, let's do it again tomorrow. If anyone is around Foothill Blvd tomorrow after 5pm and wants a good laugh we will be available. Night, Jenny and Josie

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