Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doing good in week 2

Taking Theo home after a half day of Doggie Day Care at Camp Cloverly

My deepest apologies for the long lag between posts. To be honest, I don't have internet here. I rectified the situation and will be able to post nightly.

Josie is doing incredibly well. Not only physically, but mentally. She has had a focus that she has never had before. You can't believe what concentration it takes for her to achieve anything. She isn't fighting Przemek at all and actually excited to take on new challenges. She is walking with so much control and strength. I am excited to return home in 2 weeks and for her to see Liz but especially for her to see Bree. Bree is the CSUN student that has been working with Josie and Liz for the past few months. It is going to shock her to really see the results that are achievable with this method.

Josie's newest exercise involves balance. This is the biggest obstacle in her way of complete independent walking. Unfortunately her balance issue stems from brain injury. We have to be able to retrain the brain...not an easy task, but with Przemek doable. She is learning to stand against the wall and slowly pull herself off the wall into standing. She is beginning to learn the reflexes to use when she is falling and to compensate for that. She is up to 6 seconds. Good start. She needs to be at 60 seconds to begin independent stepping. She actually really likes this challenge and thinks of it more as a game. When we attempted this exercise last time we were here she didn't even have enough balance to stay up (w/o falling to the side) She doesn't even start to fall to the side this time. If she does she can correct it. We will definitely be taking this exercise home to Liz. This will take a bit to learn.

Mrs. Bergman, her tutor, started with her today. She was impressed on the skills she acquired at home and saw a big improvement in her school ability especially her fine motor skills. We are looking into a few reading programs to implement this summer with her that might be the key to her reading success. One program Melissa, her friend, used that was successful. It is always a puzzle what will work with her.

Off to bed to get ready for another great day tomorrow. It is supposed to be warmer and sunny tomorrow. That will be nice. It is a treat watching spring spring around here. Good night, Jenny and Josie

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