Saturday, May 29, 2010

Balboa Island

Josie and Ryan Palmer

I had a meeting in Irvine this morning and Josie came with me. I promised her we would go to Balboa Island after the meeting to do some (window) shopping and to dig in the sand. A nice man gave Josie and $20 bill at dinner the other night, so she deiced she needed a wallet for her money. She bought herself a cute Roxy one at Even Sisters on the island. After walking around for about an hour we went to see if any of Brian (my brother) in-laws were around. We ran into Jen, Jimmy, Ryan and Yaya(Andrea). They were off for a boat ride so we jumped on with them. What a gorgeous afternoon on the water. We had a great time especially catching up with them. Their little Ryan is such an adorable and sweet little boy.

We stayed for dinner and headed home after. It has been a great beginning of summer day. I love it down there. Maybe someday I will be fortunate to have a home there.

Jenny and Josie

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