Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flying past

Time seems to be flying past us right now. In fact, when we walked to school yesterday, we literally stopped to smell the roses in a garden by our house. Josie kept saying that she was going to be late for school. I finally said it didn't matter until we figured out which color rose smelled the best. She and I need to remind ourselves more often to check the roses out or we will miss their time in bloom.

Speaking of time, Josie and I have been a family for 7 years last Sunday. What another remarkable milestone. I am the luckiest person in the world that she chose me to be her mom. I will never forget the day Robyn called to say the girls were sick and we needed to go get them. It was an honor and privilege to pick them up from Guatemala. The rest is history. My heroes are Wenceslau and Lety who so selflessly allowed their girls to go so they could live. I hope we are making you both very proud of your brave decision. We love you very much and always will.

Josie has officially started orthodontic treatment. She got her spacers put in today so she can get her expanders put in next week (if we aren't inpatient at Childrens Hospital for a video EEG). She was big and brave. They don't seem to be causing too much pain. She isn't even complaining about them. She knows pain like hopefully we will never know. This must be nothing to her. Brave girl.

Robyn Gibson hosted a garden luncheon today in Malibu to benefit Mending Kids. It was a lovely event and I was happy to attend. I had to leave early to get Josie and Cole from school, but had the pleasure of seeing some old friends first.

Brownies was this afternoon. I love our little troop. They are all so adorable together. I am excited that we are going to stay together next year.

Tomorrow I had a work party at my house that I am very excited about. It is so exciting to be with this great company with fabulous products. I am lucky that Anne Marie found such a great fit for our lives. There are no accidents as Caren always says.

Please continue to pray for the Mending Kids medical team that is still in Ecuador doing 40 - 50 open heart surgeries this week. We are thankful for the many lives of these precious children that will have a chance at life. And for the families that will be whole because their children will not die from heart failure. Blessed are those that donate their time and effort into making this happen. This is truly doing the Lord's work.

Thanks for checking in. Jenny and Josie

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