Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dinner with the Tokarskis..minus Max

We had so much fun having dinner with Przemek and Sylwia at there house. Unfortunately for us Max is in Poland visiting his relatives. I am sure he is having a blast, but we miss him. Anyway, Josie and I just love Przemek's polish meals. He is such an awesome cook. Josie was elated to have his mushrooms. I couldn't get her to eat those if I paid her, but Przemek is the magic mushroom maker obviously. We just enjoyed being together, talking and laughing. Zoya, the dog, wowed us with her tricks. Josie thought that was so cool. She is a cute little French bulldog. Thanks Tokarskis for having us. We miss you all so much when we are in California!! Jenny and Josie

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