Saturday, July 23, 2011

Swim Chicks Rehearsal and a whole lot of posts

OK so I just posted quite a few times today so keep reading down through the old entries...sorry.

Anyway, Josie's big rehearsal for the show was this morning. The girls were really excited and did incredibly well. You are never quite sure if they will pull this off or not, I mean the little girls, and by golly they do every year. Simply amazing. Josie loves being a part of this wonderful program. Everyone is so kind to her. It will be one of the very few team sports that she will be able to participate in. She loves the camaraderie of the group and how they support each other. Cutest thing happened of the little girls in Josie's group who has been with us at practice everyday for 3 weeks finally noticed something different about her. Back track for just a second, in Maggie's defense she only sees Josie in the water never out. So today the team got out to have a donut break in between their 4 hour practice. I put Josie in her stander to take her out. It was the first time that Maggie noticed that she couldn't walk. She was so cute and says, "wow, what happened to Josie?" So I told her the story and once again the reaction was, "oh, ok. Let's go Josie we need to get back into the pool for practice." If the whole world could be kind and childlike we might have peace. So sweet and kind.

So Chicks is going great. I will post after the show so you can see her in action.

Happy many posts reading to you all.

Jenny and Josie

PS. Keep praying hard for my Uncle Steve. He has completed a miraculous 2 rounds of wrenching chemo. He has one more before the scan to let us know if it is working. He and my dear Aunt, Justine, could use many extra prayers right now. We are proud of the battle they are fighting so heroically. Go Team Noonan!!!

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