Saturday, July 23, 2011

Off to Mayberry!!

After we left Ronald McDonald House we moved back over to our favorite house, Aunt Harriet's on Cloverly. We are so grateful to be able to stay here once again. Thank you Aunt Harriet and Jeanie for making it possible. We are missing not having Harriet here with us, but know she is recovering in the right place so she can move back home and be able to travel to her favorite place, up north.

We quickly got back into the swing of things with all our dear friends here. Josie wasted no time at all getting back to the the Little Club for more swimming. It is such a treat to be able to be members there even if it is for just a short time more.

Josie and Reggie also got back into there rock star routine with band practice at the Livingston's one night. We had a great barbecue there and then doing s'mores around the fire that night with the neighbors. It helps that the sun stays up until 10 PM. More time for playing!

Swim Chicks practice started as soon as be got back. Josie is so happy to be in her 3rd year with the team. It is such an incredible program and one of the great joys in her life. The show will be the day before her 10th birthday. I will post a lot of pictures and video after the show.

It is weird to be staying for such a short time. We are so used to staying for months. We are grateful for whatever time we get here. It is our Mayberry. Jenny and Josie

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