Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday to our Beautiful Girls!!

July 25, 2011
It is a major milestone in Josie and Teresa's life today turning 10 years old. Looking back on the decade since there birth I would go out on a limb and say that they have conquered some pretty tough stuff and are still smiling today. Girls, you teach us everyday about the joy of life. Your spirits are infectious in there own unique ways. You make all of us around you strive to be better people. I know we are better by knowing you both. We can't begin to express how much we all love you. From Lety and Wencelao who brought you into this world and did the right thing for you both to the Cajas and myself who continue you to love you like you were born from us, we all are grateful for making us a very unique, but complete family. It is a glorious day today. We give thanks and praise for every moment we are given with you both. I hope all your wishes come true. Happy 10th Birthday to our dear girls!!Love, The Alvarezs, the Cajas's and Mommy Jenny

We couldn't celebrate together with Teresa today since we are still in Michigan and look forward the 6th when we do. Josie was incredibly lucky to celebrate with our very dear friends here in Michigan. We went to the Egers with the Livingstons and Clutterbucks for a great party. We are so incredibly fortunate to have these amazing families in our lives. Sometimes I wonder how we got so lucky to have landed in this special place in MI. We did and we are eternally grateful for our time here and our friends and extended family here. Thanks everyone for making Josie's birthday so great. We will miss you all terribly, Jenny and Josie

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