Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visit to School

Josie and I got to visit her school today and her new classroom, class and teacher. It was so exciting for both of us to be back. Josie got to actually walk, and I mean literally, into the classroom. It was a glorious moment for me to see that we had really accomplished what we set out to do. The kids were so excited to see her and especially to see her walk. She was equally as excited to see them and know that they were all still there and supporting her. She got to be apart of holiday reading. We met with Mrs. Watt's while the children were at recess. It was so great to talk to she and Sherie and get set for the rest of the year. I am sure it is never easy to leave your child in the care of someone else. I find it really difficult when your child has special needs. I am getting more confident in the capability of the people she will be with. Most everything I do with her is almost second nature, so I have to really think about all the things that will keep her safe so they can learn it too. Honestly, I just hold my breath everyday and say a lot of prayers. I want her to be happy and independent but safe too.

We went touring the school with Miss Sherie going over the daily activities and how best to get her around. We ended up at the cafeteria area at the end and some of her friends who hadn't seen her yet came running over to hug her. They were all so excited to see her. It warms my heart that these kids are so incredibly welcoming, supportive and loving. I am thrilled that we live in a community that offers so much support to us. We are incredibly fortunate to have the friends we have and to be at the school we are at. Everyday I am reminded of these blessings and everyday I am more and more thankful for them.

After our fabulous school outing, we waged the shopping war. We got the few things we needed. It really put in perspective for me what I don't want Christmas to be about. I was angry, frustrated and judgemental. That is not what this amazing time of year is about. If you don't get a gift from me this year, I don't love you any less. In fact I love you more, because instead of anger I have appreciation for what is really important and that is the kindness that surrounds us all. We just have to find more of it and give more of it. Good night, Jenny and Josie

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