Monday, February 8, 2010

Better Walking

Today I definitely started to see the walking improve. I felt like we were getting a bit stagnant and it was worrying me. Today at therapy, she began to take very controlled steps especially with her right foot. She is beginning to control muscles that she hasn't ever been able to do in her feet. I will continue to pick up the frequency of walking at home. I let life take over a bit and I need to settle it back down and focus in on the importance of giving her every opportunity to walk. Liz is great at getting her back on track. Josie is enjoying having Bree, Liz's PT student, work with them as well. It is another person for Josie to entertain.

This morning I had to attend our Mending Kids board meeting. Unfortunately for Josie, she only got to go to the first hour of school because there wasn't anyone to stay with her the rest of the day. I hope they find her the right aid soon. I can't continue to put off life much longer and not get my work done to help support us. On the flip side, I can't afford to have them put the wrong person with her just to have someone there. We did have a very productive meeting which is always helpful. The video below is for Przemek and Slywia's review. We are trying to work on picking up the pace of her walking so she can begin to keep up with others. Thanks to all of you who are reading this. We appreciate the support. Jenny and Josie

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