Monday, August 9, 2010

The Race Is On...again

The runners taking their marks...if one could stop laughing the race could officially start!!

The horn has been blown and they are off. First lap is inside the gym. They are going like gang busters. Ponytail power is definitely ahead during the first lap.
They round the first turn heading for the hallway. Ponytail power has a slight advantage on the turn...then she stopped to pose for this picture. Loves the camera. She starts her motor again and she is off like a bullet.

Her opponent is falling behind and needs a short break. He watches Ponytail Power with amazement. She is definitely picking up speed at this point. He must come up with a strategy to beat her.

It's no use Ponytail Power wins again!!! The crowd goes wild, her opponent graciously shakes her hand and congratulates her on a fabulous win. Now the only thing getting in Ponytail Power's way is her canes. She can't move them fast enough for how fast her feet want to go. YEAH PONYTAIL POWER!! We all are so proud of you. You not only beat your opponent today, you are beating all the odds in your life. We look forward to the next race. Tune in tomorrow race fans for another edition of Racing with Ponytail Power. Until then, Jenny and Ponytail Power Josie

Oh, one more funny thing. When all the celebrating was happening, I was singing to them "We are the Champions" and low and behold it started playing on the radio. Then we really started singing it. Thanks radio Gods. That was perfect timing.

PS. For instant replay of the race, tune into the bottom video screen. Just kidding. The actual race video won't load, but this one will. It isn't the shining example of how great the race was today, but it offers awesome commentary by Josie. She is hysterical in it and Przemek is even funnier. You have to hear his responses to her. They are like an Mutt and Jeff.


  1. Classic Josie! Her biggest obstacle...her exceptional social skills! When she's quiet, she does great; get her talking, and well...the answer is in the video!

    Love you guys!


  2. So funny! The banter between the two of them. Go Josie!!! Lots of love, pam and scot