Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Fun

The Noonan Clan (or almost all of them)

Josie and Luke dancing at Gram's 85th birthday party

"Dude" Carson

Michele, Trent, Steph and Carson


Some of the fam at dinner

Uncle Jeff and Josie taking a dive off the back of the boat

Dad barefooting at 61 yrs old!! He is definitely well. Thanks Huntington Hospital for getting him well fast enough to do this. He loves it!!

Uncle Mike catching some sweet air

Baby Mayhem with Grandma Carol and Nana (Aunt Justine)

We just returned from a wonderful week in California. We were at Jon and Katie's wedding in beautiful Santa Barbara. I used to spend so much time there that it was great to be back even for a short moment. From there we headed up north for our annual ski trip. What a treat to be with the family. Of course the whole thing went way to quickly as is summer. I wish we could extend it just a little longer.

We got to celebrate Grandma Ellie's 85th birthday there. She is such a remarkable woman and no one would ever believe she is 85. It was nice for her to have almost her whole family there together. She and Gramps are shining examples of love and happiness for all. We love you guys.

Josie had an absolute ball with everyone. There are 12 boys (great grand children) and just she and Fiona (1 1/2 yrs old) as the reigning queens. Devon is 11 but the rest of the boys are under 4. It was fabulous mayhem and Josie loved it. She also had a ball on the jet ski. She truly has the need for speed. We spent hours riding that thing. She is great in the boat as well. Good thing because we spent a lot of time skiing. It is always hard to leave the excitement there and to know that school is almost here.

We start tomorrow with Sylwia for 2 weeks. Josie did an excellent job walking all last week. I made sure she walked a lot in the cabin so she could keep up her strength and skill. One night she go to walk for some of the family. She did and excellent job having so many people in the room and was sooo proud. It was the moment that she had been working so hard for. She did it and told me so when we went to bed that night. She also did her standing there. She made it to 31 which is great under the conditions we had to work with. I am excited for her to get back to work tomorrow. She needs to continue this great journey. Love to all, Jenny and Josie

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