Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back in Action

She had to wear her Tigers shirt to workout to show Przemek. Cute.

Josie returned to therapy yesterday, but not to school. She had a good day considering she had been so sick. She still had a pretty good cough, so I didn't want her back at school yet. She even stayed home today to get the rest she needed to really get well. I think she will return to school in the morning.

Today at therapy was really encouraging. She told Przemek yesterday that her personal goal was to really get around everywhere by herself with her canes. She wants to start to learn to walk without them, but most importantly right now to do her canes. It is nice to have her input since it is her life and ability. We will make her proficient with canes at the same time learning independent steps. Now everyone is happy. I missed the first round of walking today and as I pulled in they were at the back door looking out at me. It was adorable to pull up and see that darling face smile as she was standing on her canes. Apparently she was incredible with her walking to there. She did well at standing and tried hard during stepping. When we got home tonight, I told her that it is now her responsibility to get around the house on her own. She did and did so well. She walked into the den. From there to the kitchen for dinner and from the kitchen to the bedroom. That was pretty far for her especially after a big therapy day. She was so good and stable I walked in front of her. I didn't have to catch her once!! Yeah Josie. It is so much fun to walk along side of her and have a conversation at the same time.

I know I keep saying how incredibly nice the people are here in Grosse Pointe. Here is another great example and it couldn't have come at a better time. I, unfortunately, have been battling a migraine for the past 3 days (nothing new) but today I couldn't get rid of it even with medicine and when we pulled into the driveway the thought of having to make dinner and figure that all out sounded terrible. I carried our stuff into the house and as I was walking back to the car to get Josie out I hear our neighbor, Sandy Fisher, who we just go to know, calling my name in the garage. She had just stopped by to bring us some homemade chili, chicken and fresh baked cookies. This was all just to be nice. She was absolutely a gift from God. Josie gobbled up the chili and what a blessing that I didn't have to cook with such a headache. I am so touched by the kindness of people. I hope I can take lessons from them and apply it to my life. Why are we always in a rush?? Thanks Sandy and Walter Fisher for being so kind and generous. Everyone we have met in Grosse Pointe are just like this. We will be sad to leave you all in November. Signing out tonight. Enjoy the short video of walking today. (Liz- I have meant to post one for so long and now just got to it.) Enjoy, Jenny and Josie

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  1. WOW! That is such good walking Jos! Lilly cane is so stable and accurate! So proud of you guys. Cannot wait to see you both. 2 weeks from tomorrow! Love ya