Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hit and Run

We had an interesting little event happen to us today. We went to church at 11:00. As we were leaving we pulled up the street past the church parking lot. A black Jaguar was pulling out of the parking lot as we were coming up the street. I saw that he was rolling out like he didn't see me there. I said to Josie that he wasn't stopping. All of a sudden he hit the gas to pull out into the street and I sped up. Luckily he didn't completely t bone me but did smash us pretty hard in the right back side. He hit us hard enough to push our car, make a loud sound and made us stop before we could drive again. Josie and I were both ok, but here is the worst part of the story....After we got hit I made a u-turn to talk to the person who hit us. All of a sudden I realized that he wasn't stopping. He ran the yellow light at the signal and kept going. I tried to catch up but by then the light was red and the oncoming traffic was going. I couldn't believe we were hit and run by a fellow church member that we were just in church with.

I had to call the sheriff to file a report in case I need my insurance fix my car. The nice police women said that is one was up there in her "can't believe this happened" book...granted La Canada is not the most happening place for the police. But still. She did point out to me that we weren't hurt and the person who hit us has bigger problems if they are going to hit and run at a church. Bet your bottom dollar that we will be cruising the parking lot next week at all 3 masses!! Mercy on the poor soul who did this. Josie and I are ok and that is all that matters. Cars are just tin and rubber. Night, Jenny and Josie

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  1. WOW~ Am glad you folks are okay; what a scary experience! I think there will be some guardian angels checking that parking lot...

    Keep singing my friends~

    Cheryl (CHLA)