Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend at the Amigleo's

This picture is hysterical of Josie walking the Hopa the dog or better yet Hopa walking Josie. I had to run after her because Hopa was acting like a sled dog. Yikes!

Josie's crew helping push her back up the street. Thanks Boys!!

If you click on this picture you can see the coyote on the hillside. He was not afraid of all the people by the pool and came down very low on the hill. This is unusual for them. They are usually out at night and very afraid of people. Not a good thing to have him milling around the neighborhood in brood daylight.

Swimming in January at the beach...awesome.

We got to spend a few days in San Clemente at the Amigleo's last weekend. They live down in San Clemente just above the beach. It was such an unusually hot weekend that it was great to sleep with the windows open and feel the ocean breeze. We spent the next day totally outside...playing in the street (they live on a cul-de-sac which is perfect for the hundreds of kids that live there). Josie loved the freedom of just playing with the kids. The kids swam for a couple of hours while Anne-Marie and I tried to get some work done by the pool. Not easy to work when it feels like summer. After we swam, Tony and the other guys on the street made a barbecue in the street. Again kids everywhere playing. Love to see the kids outside enjoying the simplicities of tv, no video games just real playing. Thanks Amigleo's for having us once again. This is becoming our other home away from home. Jenny and Josie

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