Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cali Love

Josie's new shirt that I couldn't resist buying her (even though it is a rough looking green color) says Cali Love on it. This definitely represents my California girl. These 2 years we are really bi coastal girls...Pacific Coast to Lake St. Claire Coast split 6 months and 6 months.

Chickadees was so cute this morning. They actually really have the routine down. I tried taking away Josie's goggles today because she isn't supposed to wear them in the show. She did a good job without them and didn't ask for them back. After practice, she was staying in to swim with a few of her friends. I went and got the goggles so she could wear them. All of a sudden Colleen (her coach) and I realized that she had so much more spacial awareness and could stand on her own just because she could see. So...there will definitely be goggles worn at the performance on Saturday. Wow, what a difference. Her sight must dramatically affect her balance.

Therapy was interesting today. She thought someone said something negative about her this morning to me like she wasn't working hard. This was entirely untrue. The person came into the room where I was to get a patient file and didn't say anything about Josie. Josie burst into tears and had a hard time pulling it together and it was only during massage time. I thought we were doomed for the day. I decided to stay the whole time in the room because I could see we needed a little "mommy" guidance today. She ended up pulling it together and did a remarkable job with everything. She was so focused and faster on her canes. Her balance responses kicked in better during standing. Przemek and I were pleased that we got as much out of her as we did. It sure wasn't looking good in the beginning.

Josie got a Cuisinart Soft Serve ice cream maker for her birthday. Tonight we made the vanilla ice cream mixture for it. It has to refrigerate all night so we will make it with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow. She can hardly wait for ice cream but especially for them to come. We are hoping my dad is ok to travel so far. We will keep him mellow here. She just really wants him to come to her swim performance. Ciao, Jenny and Josie

This is the funniest video. It is Sylwia teaching a Haitian and Guatemalan to count in Polish. Caught my funny bone since they can't speak a word of their own native languages.

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