Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flower Power

Diva Flower Power

Look at that adorable, diva looking flower that sits over Josie's head at therapy. Josie decided it needed to wear her sunglasses today. Great day at therapy. Her standing was pretty good and her weight training was excellent. She is getting so strong. Przemek gets her next week and he has some trick up his sleeve to do with her. He is taunting all of us and won't tell us his new brilliant plan. OK we will wait until Monday. Sylwia has done an incredible job with her. Now the next few weeks she is with Przemek. You guys are the best and we are so lucky to be here working with you.

This morning was Chickadee practice. She was able to do most of the routine without me touching her. The hardest part isn't the movesit is when they stand back up. She is getting better. I don't know if she is fast enough to do this during the show without assistance. Oh well, she LOVES being a part of it. Thank goodness Colleen will be in the water with her during the show. Someone has to be no matter what because the seizures are so frequent. She must have 10 every morning during practice. They seem to pick up frequency in the morning. We did start her new Limictal today. Crossing our fingers that it works. It just takes a long time to get up to the right dosage.

We packed for Houston tonight and will leave straight from therapy tomorrow to the airport. We will do the morning therapy time tomorrow so we can make our flight. Josie is thrilled to be going to a hotel. She loves them. We will be returning to Michigan on Sunday evening which is she and Teresa's birthday. I can't believe they will be 9 years old. Thanks be to God!! Their separation date is just 10 days after their birthday. 8 years for

I must get to bed. Fighting a cold and a migraine and don't want either for the trip. Night, Jenny and Josie

Walking with a message to Luke and Matt. Her walking looks a bit slower because the new cane placement. She is being forced to us almost all legs instead of hanging on her canes like she got so good at. Always switching it up to make it better. PS. Liz, I look forward to hearing you input on this. Can't wait to show you in person in September.

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  1. Josie, you rock!!! We are all so proud of you, and you are an inspiration to Erin! We hope she will walk someday soon using her canes. We can see how hard you're working, but it is completely worth it. Great job!