Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 more therapy days

We are winding down quickly. The video taping begun today to establish an at home (or at Liz's) program. We will continue this for the rest of the week. Fair warning Liz, Przemek is loading us up!! Josie is still working really hard and makes remarkable changes daily. We are using every minute we have to keep learning.

Lately we have been using prizes to give incentives to continue to work hard at therapy. She will work for like 10 days to get to prize day. Yesterday she asked me what the prize was for the end of the week and I told her that it was a one way ticket on Delta Airlines this Sunday to Los Angeles. She just laughed and actually agreed that that was a good one.

School is going really well, too. They have such a great method here that they are using. I hope we an continue it at home...I will make sure of it. Tempting all around to stay, but we need to get back to our life at home. We were fortunate to receive dates to return in May. I will celebrate my 40th birthday in Przemek's gym. What better present then to watch my amazing daughter walk.

I'll try to get some video and pictures tomorrow since we will be in movie mode anyway. Night, Jenny and Josie

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