Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pasta Party

Pasta Party at our (Aunt Harriet's) house

Reggie Sandwich

Reggie standing with Melissa's canes. He really wanted to try them and actually stood. He amazes us everyday.

Cutiepie Melissa

Look how amazing Melissa is with her canes. She is so incredibly strong

Tonight we got to have May and Melissa Eger and Reggie Livingston over for dinner. Josie thought this was the best that they could all be there by themselves. 3 out of 4 with special problem and quit fun. They all were giggling so hard. Reggie, who is only 4, keeps right up with those silly girls. In fact,he is usually the one cracking the jokes that they all laugh at. We had to say good bye to May and Melissa tonight. They are going up north tomorrow so we won't see them again until May. Josie was sad after they left. They have been the 3 amigos and really do love together. For Josie, they make the long 5 months doable and exciting.

Therapy was great today. I stayed the whole time to help with the pictures that needed to be taken for the home workout program. We definitely do have our work cut out for us. Liz and I are up for the challenge. Since Przemek put a left knee immobilizer on yesterday she has had a bit of a turnaround with her one cane walking. It just gives her a little more stability to really do it. It is going to take a while longer for that left leg to be proficient at it. We will continue to strengthen it at home. She also needs to get more comfortable with it and then the leg will straighten up more.

Before we left for therapy today, I got a call from the truck that is picking up my car to take it back to CA. I thought they were going to come late Friday or on Saturday so I wasn't packed. They called to say they would pick it up at 5:30 tonight. We don't even get home from therapy until 4:30 on a good day. My amazing Janie and Grant came over and we literally shoved everything into it including the bike and the trailer. We went so fast and actually got it done by 5:30. They man called back at 5:45 and said he couldn't come after all tonight and we would come by 10 tomorrow morning. At least it's packed!!! THANK YOU JANIE AND GRANT!!!!

Lory and Madison Eger left today with Laura Clutterbuck and a few other women to go help at the orphanage in Haiti. These amazing women went down so the regular women employees could take some very much need and well deserved time off. They will be staying there and help with all aspects of the orphanage. Laura is adopting a little girl from there and she might even be placed with her this week. How amazing to finally meet her little girl. We are all anxiously waiting the news and pictures. Ladies, you show us the meaning of doing God's work. Thanks for being such wonderful examples.

Tomorrow will be the last day of school here and therapy. Josie is already telling me I can't cry when I say goodbye...yeah right. I can't even keep a dry eye through Disney movies. It is impossible to adequately thank people for changing your daughters life. As for Przemek and Sylwia there are not words to express your gratitude for the effort and mostly love that they put forth to better your child's life. We have truly become family with them and it will be very hard to leave them again. It is comforting to know that we will be back in spring. It is also good to know so I don't slack for one minute at home and keep her moving forward. Off to throw just a few more things into the car. Thanks for checking in. Jenny and Josie

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