Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mayra "Maisy Mae" Eger

Happy 8th birthday to our darling Maisy. Thanks for letting us celebrate another birthday with you.

Filming continued at therapy today. She did really well on the balance board with one cane. Przemek put on a left knee immobilizer during the end part one one cane walking because she is having a strength issue with her left. She had so much more control and balance. We will keep using this until she is stronger and more secure in this process.

Exciting news with standing...she stood for 2 minutes and 5 seconds!! We took the clock off the wall and let her watch the second hand to see how long she had gone for. This is much more effective then the counting right now. She loved the challenge of trying to beat the clock. I have to admit there was a little bribing going on but she was so steady and thrilled that she could see the actual seconds click by.

Only 2 more therapy days. There is a lot to accomplish still. You would think you could get it all done in 5 months, but it is impossible. There is always more. We will leave on Sunday happy and content with what we have accomplished and relish in that moment instead of thinking about what we didn't. Ciao, Jenny and Josie

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