Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Count Down Begins

On the balance board with one cane. This is really hard and she is good at it and likes the challenge. She pretends she is surfing.

Good buddies. Break before the walking.

Przemek with the Trick-or-treat bag

We are almost finished with this week and then we are officially in our last week. I is incredibly hard to believe how quickly 5 months can pass. This year flew by compared to last.

Josie continues to do a great job at therapy. I thought by now we would have to be really pulling her through, because it would be hard for anyone to work at this intensity for this length of time. She seems to still be ok. I haven't made that big of deal about leaving soon to her in hopes that I can keep her mind engaged until the end. She will definitely have a better idea this weekend when we start to pack.

Josie is working really hard at using one cane. It is another long and difficult process. We hope to get to a good baseline by the end of next week so Liz can take over with some progress under our belts. It will be fun for Joy to have her during school and see the changes adapting to her old school environment.

We got another update on the Standing Dani. Blue Cross insisted that the next appeals process was a call from Dr. Kay her orthopedic surgeon. It took about 4 days for this incredibly busy doctor to be able to do this. When he spoke to them they said that he couldn't be the one to do a peer to peer review because it was the Blue Cross physical therapist that denied the claim. Can you even believe that a licensed physical therapist would think it was better for someone to be sitting vs. standing. Get her name and number so we can make sure that no one we know ever sees someone like her. It is crazy. They said that our PT had to call instead. Nice Joy took her time today and called. She talked to the PT that supposedly denied it and she said that she didn't and we had to file another formal appeal. Unbelievable. We will prevail...with a lot of effort, but come hell or high water she is not going in a wheel chair after this amount of therapy. Maybe I should start having bake sales and raising the money myself!!

Thanks for checking in on us. We are looking forward to this weekend and possibly getting a snow flurry. It will make staying inside and packing a lot easier. Jenny and Josie

This video is cute because she is counting in Polish. She loves learning Polish words. It is on the balance board with 2 canes not one. She usually uses one so this must have been a warm up.

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