Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back in action

This should have been the title to last nights post, but yesterday ended up being topsy turvy. We were half way to therapy yesterday when I received a call from Przemek (her trainer) asking is we were ok because we were 2 1/2 hours late!!! Most of you know that I am not the most punctual, but not like this. The time got changed but I wasn't informed. I am happy about the new time just wish I knew after beat feeting in back from CA. The good part is that we got to spend time with Roger, Jeanie and Aunt Harriet as well as play with the Egers for a little while. It was nice to catch up with everyone. Cute Melissa Eger is making a charge with her new canes. What a complete joy to see her progress. Lory and I were texting back and forth about possible weekend plans and apple picking is one of them. She said that would be great if it didn't snow. SNOW??!! Josie and I laughed when we got that text. Please don't say the S word yet.

Today Josie was back at it. Great day except for rebellion with the canes. We had a nice "goal" setting session at home tonight. Now I know the rebellion is fear. We will work through this.

After her tutor tonight, we got to walk Theo back to his house. We borrowed the bike from therapy and she rode Theo home. She was flying on it. I had to run to catch her. She is definitely so much stronger. I was at a slow walk with her on her bike at home at the end of June. Go Josie girl!!

One funny, dumb blonde from California thing today. I was at the market before I picked Josie up. I was getting a few meat items, so thinking about how not to have them spoil on our hour and a half journey home I asked the lady for a bag of ice. She looked at me funny and I assumed I was putting her out by having her get this for me. As I was checking out I told the checker that I has a bag of ice for a few of my cold items and could she put them together in a separate bag. Again, from someone else I received another funny look. Couldn't figure out why they had such a problem with my bag of ice. Finally it dawned on me...only a silly blonde girl from CA would need a bag of ice in 45 degree Michigan weather to keep a couple pieces of meat cold. The lady and I got laughing so hard. I told her at least I would bring a smile to her face all day because now she had something to talk about!! She said, "Yes I do!" At least I made many people laugh in her check out line today...got to do something to keep warm in 45 degrees on Oct. 13th. Night to all. Hopefully your day was filled with laughter too!!Jenny and Josie

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