Monday, October 26, 2009

Keep on going

So I was thinking of not posting tonight because I really didn't have any new information. Then I received 2 really nice emails from people who where excited to read everyday Josie's progress even if it seems so redundant. So for you guys here it goes...

We got to keep our 11:30 - 2:30 spot for one more week. The boy that was due to take it got the swine flu and Izabella, so thankfully, told him her could not come until he was well for 3 weeks. I had to juggle around tutoring and a couple of appointments but am pleased with the time. Josie did a good job today. Przemek asked me to come back for the last hour. He was hoping she would work better if I was there for the hard part. Remember Friday was a bit of a disaster. She did fairly well on canes for him, but for some reason she actually did them better with me. Whatever works at this point.

We came home and got to take Theo for a nice walk in the neighborhood. We did lose him at one point. He tried to walk through a very tall, racked pile of leaves and he all but totally disappeared. He looked like he was swimming to get out. Josie was laughing so hard I thought she was going to fall off her bike. She thinks that little dog is a riot. We were thankful for the 60 degree day and that we could walk Theo without the full winter gear on. It looks like the week is shaping up to be a good one.

Tonight we relaxed at home with Harriet. Josie is so sad she is leaving next week for Florida. We are definitely going to miss her. It is so nice having company in the house. Josie did 2 rounds of walking tonight. She did great the first round (the tv was in and she was distracted). The 2nd round she complained a bit but was very pleased with herself when she walked all the way across the kitchen and got to the table. It is amazing that she has the hang of it so much that she finds time to complain and still walk. She could never have done that 3 weeks ago. I am definitely not saying that she is totally independent but making big strides towards it.

Off to bed so we can get ready to do it all again tomorrow. We are always grateful for another day here. Good night, Jenny and Josie

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  1. Yay for blog posts!!!

    Miss you girls, keep up the good work!!

    xo- Raych