Monday, October 5, 2009

Teresa is now back to normal. Her vitals have been stable for the past few hours. The heavy duty drugs they gave her this morning have finally worn off and Werner said she is following people with her eyes. She is alert and attentive. They haven't received the final results from this evening's CT scan but that is probably good news that they aren't rushing the results. She is such a fighter. Teresa - we are so proud of you.

Josie has had a good day here in the desert. She has walked everywhere she needed to go with her walker. It is incredible to see her so stable and balanced. She walked with her canes tonight which was done with great success...there was no complaining!! We swam all morning with Luke and took a golf cart ride this afternoon with Great Grandpa. We will sleep easier tonight knowing that Teresa is stable. Blessings, Jenny and Josie

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