Friday, October 30, 2009

Officially worn out

Sweet girl

Lilly "the bummble bee" service dog at the therapy center

Above is a picture of Josie trying to fall asleep at the kitchen table. I was finishing up after dinner and she was trying to fall asleep in her little chair. She ought to be tired with all the incredible work she did this week. You could see in her legs today the fatigue. She was even having a harder time in the walker which she does effortlessly now. We finished the therapy day with an obstacle course around the gym. First she had to walk across the parallel bars then transfer onto the walker. Walk over to the climbing ladder and climb to the top to touch the ghost decoration. Climb back down and get into crawling position to crawl over the balance board. From there she had to walk with her canes to the end of the room where I set up a finish line. She giggled her way through the whole thing. Przemek was shocked at her ability to transfer on her own from the parallel bars to the walker. He didn't teach her this so he didn't know she could do this...moms can teach too, sometimes!! It made the last hour of therapy bearable for her and she even put in every bit of last effort she had to give. She really wanted her friends to come back again today. Melissa and Reggie, you guys were missed today. She actually was given the whole night off from walking. Tomorrow, however, he wants her to hit it again. Josie and I decided tonight that we are going to make a scavenger hunt around the kitchen in the morning so she will walk around and get the clues. This makes boring walking interesting. I am going to have to get creative for the next 3 weeks. If anyone has any suggestions love to hear them!!!

Thanks to the many of you who have been sending such supportive emails. You can't believe how much it helps both of us. Keep them coming. She will need the extra support to finish strong her.

We can't wait for Halloween tomorrow. I will post pictures. Love to all, Jenny and Josie

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