Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blakes Cider Mill and Apple Orchard

Pumpkin picking. See the big one nicely perched over the top of her head! Picture looks worse then it was. Yikes.

In the orchard

Josie picking her own apples. She was so proud

What a great Michigan day we had at Blakes Cider Mill and U Pick apple orchard. We went after church when the weather was so nice and sunny. It was a beautiful drive through the great fall foliage. We picked all different kinds of apples. The man told Josie to taste each kind first to see if she liked it and she certainly took him up on his offer. She decided that she liked the Empire variety the best. We ended up picking a half bushell of apples. Sorry to all our friends and family here because you all know I will keep replenishing you with apples!! After we picked we had lunch in the cafe. She enjoyed the Blakes grown corn on the cob. We loaded up on donuts and cider to share with the friends and family here. Sorry CA gang I can't find a good way to ship this to you guys. We picked our pumpkins. We got 3 - a big one for Harriet, a medium one for me and a small one for Josie. She is looking forward to carving them and hopes that Jeanie and Roger will want to carve too.

We also got to go on a train ride around the orchard. Funny thing that happened here. The train had 4 cars with about 10 rows in each was a huge train. We wanted to sit in the last car, mainly because all the rest of the train was filled. So I put her on the seat, made sure she was holding on and went to put the stroller back outside the ropes. All of a sudden the train starts to pull away and at a fairly rapid pace. The drivers is so far away he must not have seen me move the stroller. The woman in our row reached over for Josie and the lady behind her reached up to grab her because she is precariously perched on the edge. I started running in a full sprint down the dirt road and literally took a flying leap onto the edge of the train grabbing the rail. People started clapping and laughing as I dove onto the train. It must have been the most awkward site. Come hell or high water was I going to let that train get away from me with her on it. Watch out McGuiver you might have some new competition.

When we returned to Grosse Pointe we made a few apple deliveries. We had a nice soup dinner with Roger, Jeanie and Theo. Cane walking happened right before bed. She decided to argue with me and while she did she kept her balance the whole time. She has the hang of this even when she is being argumentative. She finally settled down and walked herself across the kitchen floor to see what the little door did on the wall. It was the laundry shoot and she, while standing, proceeded to take off the top portion of her clothing and sent it to the laundry room. Whatever keeps her standing on those canes I guess?! She then walked down the hallway to her bedroom. I was forbidden at that point to tell her what to do. The stinker darn well knew exactly what she had to do without any instruction. Didn't care for the attitude, but love her competence.

We sang a great song in church today. The last verse had the words...I will call your name, Stand up, now walk and live, do not be afraid I am with you. She looked up and me and smiled when we sang that part. I hope she can embrace that line. Good night to all. Jenny and Josie

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