Friday, July 3, 2009

1 Week Down

Good evening. First of all Josie wants me to thank Scott Gordon for his comment on the blog. (There are so many that have written, Scott just happens to the last she heard and so it is the one that she remembers. No offense to anyone. We love the comments. They are so supportive) She wants to put a note into this in her words... I am doing well and hope everyone is having a fun summer. thank you to everybody (hiccup) I love your messages and have a good day. I love everybody. I miss you Dukey(Luke, her cousin) and Cousin Matt.

Now in Jenny's words...What can I say after that. Just when I think she doesn't get it she has this great outpouring of gratitude. She finished her first week. I can't tell you how impressed I am with her. I can't even describe what she is really going through not to mention with determination, cooperation and strength. We have already seen great progress and it has been 5 days. During her walking time today, Przemek pronounced Shemag (her trainer for the next 3 weeks) came in to see what level she was at. He will be prepared for what to do next week. I will not lie, the next 3 weeks will be gruelling. Sylvia works her incredibly hard but there is a tad more tollerance to talking. Przemek will need to really get to the grunt work to make even more progress requiring all her attention and focus. This is the challenging part for Josie because as we all know she likes to talk.

We got to do a bit of shopping after her work out and dinner at PF Changs. It is a treat to change up the routine a bit. We are hoping we get to see the sun tomorrow. It has been a cool week. We will spend most of the day at the pool and will go to the lake to see the fireworks at night. Our house is only a block up from the lake so it is really convenient. We will check in tomorrow. Have a happy and safe 4th of July. Grams and Gramps, I can't believe we aren't with you tomorrow. Gramps, we will have to save some fireworks for the Delta. Best to all. Jenny

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  1. Jenny, I'm sitting here reading Josie's story with tears of joy running down my face... am I not like your father? :) Josie's courage and determination are a beautiful reflection of you. We all benefit from a story about true inner strength and about believing the best in all situations. You two are amazing! I'm so thankful for both of you! With love and prayers, Aunt Carolyn