Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend

(left to right) May, Josie and Melissa Madison sailing
Hi All, Sorry for the delay in posts. I was having trouble with the Internet connection. We had a great weekend. Low key Saturday with a walk into the village, mass at 6:00 so we didn't have to go in the morning Sunday. We went to the movie on the lake that the park puts on. We got there, got our chairs and blankets situated (supposed to be the coldest summer day in Detroit history) and just as I sat down it started to sprinkle. At that point I was staying no matter how hard it poured. 2 Minutes after my "I am not leaving" decision we were packing up and running for the car. Thanks to Sarah Smith for coming back to help me get all our gear out of there. So much for movie on the lake!!

Sunday we slept in which was so nice. The Egers invited us to go out on the boat with them. 2 of their kids, Grady and Madison were in the Regatta that weekend so we were going out on the water to watch them. Josie was so excited to go with her new friends Melissa (from Haiti) and May (from Guatemala). I was happy to spend time with this incredible family. Lory's brother came with is family and her mom and Roger's dad was there as well. Nice family. We had great weather and a good time with all. Thanks Egers for including us. Congratulations to Grady on winning first place in the Regatta and Madison for a great 2 days of racing. Her results aren't in yet because they sail longer then the other fleets. It is impressive what you kids do. We enjoyed watching you and learning a bit about sailing.

That night we went to Roger and Jeanie's for another amazing dinner. Jeanie is the best cook...Roger is great with the barbecue, too! We all enjoyed dinner including Theo. He got 2 rib bones and licked them clean. He was a happy dog. We were all suppose to go over to the Egers for a campfire and s'mores. It started raining so hard and it never let up. Rain check on the campfire.

We are about to leave for therapy. It is raining so hard again we need a boat to get there. Cross you fingers for a good walking week. We really need it. Will post about the days activities tonight.
Love to all, Jenny and Josie

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