Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old Granny

The Flip Flops
Flip Flop making

Some of the Chickadees

Today Josie exclaimed with her canes that she was an old granny. Last week she was a grandpa. Love that she laughs at herself. I have to tell you a quick story about her. One Sunday about 2 months ago we were walking up to communion at church and Josie was watching intently the lady in the next isle. The lady was a very elderly woman with a walker. Josie looks up at me and says, Mom I could beat her in my walker (like it was some kind of race!) I love that she was sizing up the competition.
Josie had another strong day at therapy. Walking with the walker is getting so much smoother. I will add a short clip. Her legs were so fatigued by canes today that it was not her best session with that. Our goal of 2 canes by Wednesday will have to be delayed. It was a bit lofty anyway. She did ask Aunt Steph to pick her up at the airport when we come home in August so she can walk off the plane to her with her canes. Glad to know what goal she has in mind.

The exciting part of the day for her was the Chickadee lunch and flip flop decorating party at the club house at the park. All the girls in the entire program have this special event together. The girls have really welcomed her. The girls get to wear their flip flops to the big practices before the show and the day of. As most of you know, Josie has been in leg braces her whole life and never really worn a "regular" pair of shoes. In the past month she got to buy her first pair of non orthopedic sandals (not to be worn daily) and now flip flops (hopefully to be worn only 3 days!!). She is officially out of leg braces for the time being. They are confident that they can strengthen her enough that she will never have to go back to them..please I hope they are right. For now she will wear orthopedic shoes from Poland that don't look orthopedic. OK, back to the Chickadees. I will attach a few pictures.

Happy Birthday Camilla Hartman. Hope it is a great one!!

Love to all, Jenny and Josie


  1. Josie,

    Good Job. Now you will have to get a pedicure for those great flip flops!

    Ann & Cole

  2. Ahh roof ahh yes lady, this is uncle trusty. I love watching you everyday on your blog. You are doing soo great! Keep up the great work bugga-boo! I love you guys so much and I cannot wait to see you. Jen you are a constant inspiration to us all.