Friday, July 10, 2009

Week 2 done

I can't believe we have already been here 2 weeks. It is going so quickly. Josie finished the week in style and strength. After yesterday's trails with the car and not getting her a proper dinner, swim and bed time I was worried about today's session. I try my hardest to keep her ready to use everything she's got for every session. I go the extra mile to feed her with the foods that will help the body the most, get her the right amount of sleep, keep stress to a minimum, happiness to a maximum and I feel like being stranded for 5 hours and dinner at Daily Queen with an ice cream chaser was probably not the best for her...guess what, she survived and with flying colors. You can't even imagine the fatigue that her body goes through everyday and then recovers for the next. She had an incredibly strong day. Her strength training has increased, her indurance is incredible and her concentration is still spot on. The focus is amazing. She did 2 independent walker rounds of walking today. Przemek didn't have to touch her or the walker once in 2 rounds. She is completely weight shifting and keeping her balance. The flew through the parallel bars. At one point Przemek was teasing her and telling her to wait her him because she was getting so fast. She thinks he is so funny when he says that. She even got through an incredible first round with one cane and one parallel bar. Jen Loiselle (her CHLA OT) will be so pleased with the increased strength and ability of the left hand.

I have received some really supportive emails lately and I can't tell you how grateful I am for those. The support is wonderful. My friend, Moinca Fitzhugh, summed up Josie really well today. She said "Josie has the strength of a giant, courage of a warrior and the spirit of an angel." Mono I can't agree more. (Don't be surprised when I put that at the top of her blog!!)

My best to all. Good night and God Bless. Jenny and Josie

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  1. Hi Josie,
    You are doing a good job. I hope you are doing great in swimming.