Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th and 5th of July

Josie enjoying the Country Club pool.

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!! I know you have been busy in Vegas, but hopefully you have been able to celebrate a bit. We are sorry we aren't home to celebrate with you.

Happy 4th of July to all. We had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we had lunch on the patio with Jeanie at her house. We had a good time with their dog Theo. Congrats to Roger for his second hole in one!! Impressive. We also swam yesterday despite the fact that the sun really never came out. Today we went to church in the morning. It is a beautiful church on the lake. It is actually the same one that my Grandfather Fletcher Hull grew up in. Neat to go to his same parish. We got to go to the Country Club of Detroit with Jeanie and Roger to swim. We also saw their good friends, Nancy and John Donnelly which is always a treat. It is always a amazing to visit their club. It truly defines the old meaning of country club. We also got to return to it tonight for a wonderful dinner on the patio with Aunt Harriet, Roger and Jeanie. It was the perfect temperature outside and the food and company were wonderful.

Josie is fast asleep hopefully preparing for her week ahead. It will be intense, but I'm sure rewarding. Now is the time it gets more exciting to see the progress. She it a candle after church today under the statue of Mary. When I asked her what she lit it for she said "of course my sister but also that Mary will help me walk." I can't think of a better mother to ask that of. Please Mary hear her prayer. By the way, every time she lights a candle in church it is always for her sister. We miss you Teresa. Stay strong and healthy. Miss Silvia misses you too and hopes to get to California to see you.

We miss you all. Lots of love, Jenny and Josie

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  1. Go Josie Go! Have a great rockin' walkin' week. Love Ann & Cole....