Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi All - Sorry I didn't post last night, I fell asleep with Josie and we just woke up 11 hours later..Yeah.

Josie had her first synchro swim practice yesterday. Her group is called the Chickadees because they are the youngest group. The night before practice she woke up 4 times asking if we could go yet. I can't tell you how excited she is to part of the team. We watched for a while when we got there to learn the routine. I was so correct in saying that they are flailing in the cute. I just giggled the whole time. The girls coaching are so sweet and make Josie feel so welcome. Josie then got in the water and did it with them. They have been practicing for 2 weeks already and she will learn this by the end of the weekend. So cute. I am more delighted in watching her feel so included and apart of a team. Miss Colleen is going to practice with her privately. I will post video and pictures.

She had a good day 4 at therapy. The muscles where a bit fatigued yesterday from so many days in a row, but she pushed through it and got everything accomplished. Amazing girl. Sylvia was telling me that the most important area for her walking is her pelvis and glut strength. They will concentrate really hard on strengthening those areas. I was also asking about her balance issue. I am worried that no matter how hard we work on strengthening her she has this balance issue that could still prevent her from independently walking. Silvia was telling me that they can retrain and overcome the balance problem that is coming from the brain. They will work a ton on the balance board and retrain the brain to compensate for the brain damage .

We better get ready to go to therapy. Will update tonight. I can't believe we are almost done with 1 week. She deserves and needs a good break this weekend. She starts with Shemag (Sylvia's husband) as her trainer next week for 3 weeks...good luck, he is sooooo tough. She does love him and know that he can really help her. I would cry! She is way tougher then I am. Ciao, Jenny

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  1. Go Josie Go! Thanks for keeping us updated Jenny, glad it's going so well...we want to see pictures of the Chickadees!