Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Josie started her day with Chickadee synchro swim practice. They are so cute so serious practicing their routine. One little girl, Katie, said to Josie why can't you walk? Josie said because I had surgery when I was a baby. Katie said OK, let's swim. Kids are amazing. Just give them an explanation and that is good enough.

After swimming and a big breakfast, Josie took a hour nap before her therapy. I can't have her too tired to workout or her synchronized swimming will have to give. The swimming actually helped loosen her up for her workout. Brilliant.

She worked really hard again today. The first 2 rounds of walking Przemek didn't touch her or the walker. She independently walked with the walker. Let me clarify something for those of you who know she walks in her walker at home. The home walker has a support around her waist so she can't fall and hit her head. It also doesn't require her to properly use her legs. She can get more on top of her arms and "pedal" her feet. This Polish walker that she is using here has no support and she has to properly weight shift and maintain balance in order to make it move and without falling. It is like going from a tricycle to a 2 wheel bike. In her case it might feel like a unicycle. I will add some video to show you the walking with the walker. She also is using the parallel bars to walk. This is great preparation for cane walking. It requires the same rhythm that she will use when she gets to her canes. She will need sometime on here to train her left hand and arm. The right it great already but that arm doesn't have the muscle damage either. She even started a new balance exercise today. It was the end of the session and she was beginning to fall apart so they will have to resume again tomorrow. She is very scared of balancing. She is old enough to know that she can not fall therefore scared to be out of control. Przemek will increase the confidence and quickly. He will have to work on me too. I even asked one time today during walking if he could get her if she went over.(he felt so far away) He assured me that he could and also that she is strong enough to maintain and correct her posture. This therapy moves so fast and she gets better so fast it always catches me off guard. I have to move my thinking as fast as she is accomplishing.

My love to all and to all that endure my long winded posts. It is so technical that I could write forever the details. Will just try to keep it to the main points. Ciao for now...Jenny and Josie

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