Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interesting and exciting day

Josie and Przemek
Hi All - we have had a very interesting day. First off the most exciting news is that Josie worked on the parallel bars again today. Today she used one CANE and one parallel bar. I will post video at the end of today's message so you can see the first time she ever did this. She was so brave about it. Funny Josie quote -when she was about to start her third round of one cane and one parallel bar she picks up her cane, shakes it a bit and says look mom, I am like an old man with a cane. She finds the humor in this. She still doesn't think she has a one tell her!!

After a really good Thursday at therapy (usually a tough day for her from the intensity and fatigue) our rental car wouldn't start. Long story short we got home after 5 hours so waiting for a new car to be delivered to us. On a good note, we meet some really nice people. The first tow truck guy, Joe, stayed over an hour with us dealing directly with Budget and then making sure we were OK. He even gave me his cell number in case it started getting dark and they weren't here yet with our car. He said he and his wife would come back to wait with us. Then the only place that was around was dairy queen. Josie entertained everyone there for an hour and even had another couple wait with us. Izabella, one of the therapists who we got ahold of was heading down to be with us until the car arrived. Everyone was so helpful and kind. The rental company originally was going to send a tow truck for us and the car. I was not about to get in a tow truck with Josie and head to the airport with a man I didn't know. I somehow talked them into bringing us a car. Interesting day. Lesson of the day for us...patience. By the grace of God we actually had some today. Good night. Jen and Jos

PS. Chickaddes was this morning so Josie was happy all day. Cute.

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