Monday, July 6, 2009

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the fittest should be the title to every blog that is written while Josie is in intensive therapy. I can almost guarantee that I would not survive. Ok, so she did it with style today on her 1st workout this year with Przemek (pronounced Shemag). You can't imagine the guts, strength and sheer concentration he expects. In saying that he is brilliant at what he does and knows how to get the results that we are here for. He was very impressed with her commitment level this year. When I came back for the walking portion he quickly announced that he was in the immediate process of prepping her to walk with canes!! He thinks she can do it and that we will almost graduate from the walker. I love the potential he sees in her. (of course we see it too, we just don't know how to unlock the magic. Hence the long stay in Michigan). She even made it through the session without tears. Determined. She was very proud of herself as well. She did stop a few minutes early today because she worked so hard her legs literally couldn't hold her up anymore and she has strong legs.

After therapy today we meet the cousins for a dinner at the Rotary meeting. We meet some lovely people. One lady asked if she could give Josie a grandma hug and Josie said yes because she misses her hugs from Grandma Carol and Grandma Ellie. Sweet. She of course entertained anyone who would listen. A great thing happened there. I was feeling so badly for missing my Mending Kids board meeting today. Low and behold we sat at the table with the divisional chairperson for Rotary International and also the people in charge of the Grosse Pointe chapter and they asked Josie and I to speak about her story and Mending Kids. So everyone at MKI I hope that makes up for my absence today at the meeting!!! I miss you all and am proud to share about the children from all over the world that we are so blessed to help. We are lucky to be in their lives. Thank you to my cousins Roger and Jeannie for helping facilitate.

Love to hear about how and what everyone else is doing. I feel so out of touch and self centered on our endeavors at the moment. If you have time, please drop a quick email or comment at the end of the blog. It makes it feel not so far away. (Josie really does like reading them) Happy summer days to all. Jenny and Josie

Video of Josie walking with Sylvia - Day 3

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