Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday - Week 3

We made it through Monday of week 3. Josie worked very hard during her strength training (2 hours) today. I ran down the street and had my teeth cleaned. I can't ever find time at home to do it so I did it here...random, I know. I got back for walking today. Josie was on round one when I got there and starting to fall apart when I came in. She hasn't done this yet, but it is a typical reaction in the past years. I thought the honeymoon was over and she was going to fight this to the end. Miraculously, she not only pulled it back together she did the best cane walking and concentrating up to this point. When I say I can't believe it I really mean it. The concentration and effort for the next 40 minutes of grueling walking with canes and parallel bars was amazing. She never stops shocking me. I should have grabbed the camera, but I was to fearful to move and break that concentration. Right now Przemek has her using the right cane and holding the left parallel bar. Tomorrow his will switch that so she can begin to manipulate the left cane. This will be trickier because of the left arm and hand weakness. He is confident that she will conquer this task. His goal is by Wednesday to have her off the parallel bars and only on canes. Lofty goal but let's shoot for it. Her prayer to Mary this week at church was to walk with canes. With Mary's assistance anything is possible.

In a nut shell, the purpose of all the daily repetition is to retrain and reparteeing the brain. Basically the signals are not connecting properly from the brain to the muscles causing an increase of tone. There is a great possibility to retraining the muscles and brain pattern. They have to strengthen the weak parts to overcome the brain's signals. There is also a window of opportunity in which this needs to be done for it to be the most effective, It is hard to break habits so correct training needs to happen from the beginning. That is a very rough explanation and when Susan Knight(her CHLA PT) returns from Italy I will get you a better explanation.

Josie also had Chickadee practice today. She and all the girls are actually getting better at the synchronized swimming routine. So cute. I will try to get some video of them at Wednesday's practice.

I want to let the Donahue family that our prayers are with them. I am so sorry for your loss of Terry's father, Doc. What a wonderful Man, Father, and Grandfather. My love to you all during this difficult time and always!

Love to all, Jenny and Josie


  1. Hi Josie,
    You are doing an terrific job! Good job on walking! I hope you are having a fun time! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Hi, Josie from Makena, Devyn and Natalie. Keep up the good work. We'll see you soon!