Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints

Happy All Saints Day! As we went to church today we were reminded of the saints that went before us and the exemplary lives they lived. Here is a picture of Josie saying her prayers to Mary. I think it is so sweet that she lights a candle and prays to Mary every week that I thought it was appropriate to get her picture today.

We took it easy today. This evening she was really complaining of a stomach ache. We even had to miss Jeanie and Roger's dinner at their house. I was sad to miss but thought it was most important to get her feeling better. We can't afford to miss a single day of therapy at this point. She did perk up and went to bed feeling pretty well. Thanks Jeanie for sending the plate home. Dinner was fabulous.

Josie is having an increase in her focal seizures again. The doctors here increased her seizure meds and the higher we go in dose the more she seizes. I am afraid she has already developed a resistance to this particular med like she did the last one. We will keep exploring the situation. We see endocrinology at University of Michigan on Thursday so hopefully they can be of some assistance too. She is having an increase of weight viscerally which is unexplainable. So we are checking it out.

Over all she is happy and thriving. We look forward to the short 3 weeks we have left here. We are going to try to get everything possible out of it. Our love to all. Jenny and Josie

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