Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Slow, slow, now fast!


OK, Przemek needs to make up his mind. For, oh lets say 5 months, he has been insisting that she slows down her walking and to use controlled slow movements. Today he decided she is competent enough with her canes that he is going to speed her up! He is trying to get her speed walking. The only thing in her way is that she is such a daydreamer and is consumed with the distractions around. Hilarious. Speaking of distractions, he let those come into play today. Usually he wants the gym so quite without anyone around so she can concentrate. Silwia gets to watch one round a day but that is about it. Today Silwia, Max and I all got to watch. In fact, Max was doing his homework in the gym, making paper airplanes, etc. She still walked like a champ. For those who don't know, Max is Przemek's and Silwia's 9 year old son who is adorable...and Josie really thinks so.

I had to do 3 different videos today because I learned from the past that if they are too big they won't download on the blog. The 1st one is her opening commentary before she starts walking. There isn't any really good walking on it but I put it on because she is so cute about it and saying she is walking. The 2nd one has some of the 5th round on it. You will see how smooth she is at the 5th round. The 5th round is usually about 45 minutes into walking and 2 hours into therapy. The 3rd video is her finishing the round and how funny she is trying to get Max to hug her. Smart girl. Enjoy the walking. I know I am. Until tomorrow...Jenny and Josie
**The vidoes downloaded in a different order. Josie's commentary is now last**

5th round walking

End of walking

Josie's opening commentary

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  1. YAY! Go Josie!!! Look forward to seeing you guys around the holidays. xoxo, E