Thursday, November 12, 2009

Theo our school Dog

Here is a cute picture of Theo at school with Josie. Everyday that Josie is tutored by Mrs. Bergman, Theo stays right there with them. He usually sleeps on his favorite chair next to them. So cute and of course Josie loves it.

After tutoring, Janie and Reggie brought the most delicious lunch over. It was such a treat to spend time with them. Josie just loves little Reggie. She was showing him her DS. Reggie's physical needs are a lot like Josie's were so it is neat to know that they will be starting this intensive therapy at age 3. He should do so well with it. I can't wait to see his progress. We are hoping that we can get Josie, Reggie, and Melissa in all together this next summer.

Good walking a therapy today. We just need to sharpen up a few things so that she can begin to be independent on her canes. She is so close. Of course, we will always have to be in arms reach in case she falls so she doesn't hit her head. It will be nice one day to have a skull on there so we don't have to worry quite as much as we do now. We have 6 more therapy days to do the cane "tweaking". It is really fun to see her walk. A little boy who is 4 and has dedicated his last year to this place walked independently today for the first time. He actually walked halfway across the room. His mom just fell on the ground in tears of happiness. Sylvia kept saying to her don't cry. Mom said that ever since he took his first breath she was waiting to see this happen so don't tell her not to cry. I told Sylvia when I see Josie walk without any assisting devices she better go buy the Kleenex factory out!! It is so exciting to witness these miracles here. It is also so encouraging.

We got to have a lovely dinner and evening at Roger and Jeanie's with Mrs. Julie Whitman. Mrs. Whitman is the lady who lent us her house this summer. We hadn't met her before last weekend. What a treat to get to know her and what a doll for just giving us her house.

We are off to University of Michigan Medical Center again early tomorrow morning. With Josie's increase in seizures they want to do a shunt series(x-rays and a Cat scan) to make sure she isn't in the beginning stages of shunt failure. I am fairly confident she isn't because there aren't any other signs of a blockage but what do I know. If there is, everybody wants us on the first plane out of here so her LA docs can deal with it!! Do you blame them with that head? Always a good adventure with this little one. OK, night to all. Will post tomorrow. Jenny and Josie

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