Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Step by step

Step by step was Josie's comment to Przemek when she was asked how does she walk? Step by step. I think that is a very logical answer. It is really how we are taking life right now. Step by step. She worked hard today for Przemek. Sometimes they are like an old married couple that bicker with each other. I think it entertains them.

Before we went to therapy today Josie had her tutor. She is doing well with her studies even though it is for a very condensed time. She walks to the kitchen every morning to meet Mrs. Bergman. Today, Theo was over and she really wanted to take him on a walk after tutor. She put him on his leash and walked with her canes and the dog through the kitchen, down the hallway and outside to the driveway. She did a remarkable job of holding the leash and the canes. He was very sweet and didn't pull her. I think he was confused as to why he had to go so slow and why we only made it to the driveway...some walk that was for poor Theo. He is a good sport with her. I was proud of her incredibly controlled steps.

After therapy today we got to go to the Eger's for a birthday dinner for May. We had a good time with them and some of their friends. We even got to see Reggie. It is a treat to have met so many nice people here. Happy 7th birthday May!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

Night to all, Jenny and Josie

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