Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clean bill of health from endocrinology

Well we went to Josie's endocrinology appointment today at University of Michigan. What a fabulous facility. The good news is that there is no problems with her thyroid, pituitary or anything else that can occur in brain surgery kids. This is a relief. Now to address the 15 to 20 foal seizures she is having a day. Obviously her current med isn't effective anymore. This one didn't even last a whole year. I will consult with her new neurologist here tomorrow and try to get ahold of her neurologist at home. Hopefully we can come up with a plan of action that is fairly seamless and very safe. It is always a bit worrisome when you start switching around the seizure meds. The good part is that she is still able to tell you when the seizures are coming on so I have some warning to help brace her. She is so strong.

After the doctor, we went to therapy. She definitely had a better day today then yesterday. However, she did her best walking with me tonight at home. It was the first time ever that I put the canes in front of her and she didn't put up a fight at first. She got on them. Walked half way across the kitchen floor and then started to take off her shirt. I couldn't understand why she was stripping in the middle of walking. Then it dawned on me...her favorite thing is the laundry shoot. Down went the shirt!!! I think she was sorry she didn't have more clothes on to strip off and through down. Now I will pack her with things to get her over there. She proceeded to walk the rest of the way to the bathroom for her bath. She did amazingly well and the best part it was without confrontation.

Jeanie and Theo (the dog)came for dinner. It is fun having them so close. Theo gets to come over in the morning while Jeanie goes to work. Josie absolutely loves waking up and having Theo looking at her from the chair in the room. It brightens her morning. Off to bed. It has been a long day, but a good migraine for the first time in 4 days hurray!! Best to all, Jenny and Josie


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