Friday, November 6, 2009

The moose is loose

OK, weird title and only has to do with the moose head in the picture above. We had dinner at Capital Grill and Josie kept commenting on a moose. It was behind me and I didn't see it until we were leaving. It shocked me when I turned around and she thought that was hilarious. She wanted her picture taken with the moose.

Fabulous therapy day. I can't say it enough. The cane walking was so smooth and controlled. Przemek was so happy with her progress and confident in her ability. We have 2 more weeks to sharpen it all up. He needs to pull out a couple more miracle days in that time. Actually, Josie has to pull out a couple more miracles and we definitely know she can do that. I wanted to run to the car and get the camera to tape her today. Przemek wouldn't let me leave or add anything to the routine today because he was afraid to jinx it.

Josie wants to say something..."I love everybody, and thanks a lot for looking at my blog. I had a good day at therapy."

Happy Friday to all. Jenny and Josie

PS. Mending Kids, we are so sorry we couldn't be home for the event tonight. I hope everyone had a great time.

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