Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Bye Michigan

I don't even know where to begin to say how grateful I am for the time we have been here in Michigan. We were welcomed with open arms and offered great support. Everywhere we went we were welcomed with love and compassion. One of Josie's fondest memories was of her time in the synchronized swim program at the park. Robin Harnett let her be apart of a team and treated her like an other child. All the children and families from the Chickadee team were great to her and so were the coaches. Even when we went to Farms Market to do our shopping the employees were there to welcome us with a smile and always words of encouragement for Josie. We are thankful for our time we spent in the St. Paul parish. We had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people there. Fr. Muma even remembered that we were leaving today and offered Josie words of encouragement.

Like I said last night, we have had the great opportunity to meet some wonderful families here. We will take your gift of friendship with us and can't wait to return to you all soon. You have given us inspiration by sharing your families and friends with us. You will never know how much that means to us. Thank you.

To Pediatric Fitness Center, where do I even begin to thank you? I know our complete journey is not over yet but I am encouraged at where we are right now. I have complete faith that you will get us to where we ultimately want to be. Josie arrived here in June in leg braces and strapped in a walker. We are leaving here without braces, without a strapped in walker, in fact without a walker period and in shoes walking with canes. That my friends is amazing. Everyone here has been like family. We are grateful for taking care of us while we have been here. You have not only been a physical support but a mental one too. Przemek and Sylwia you have given both Josie and I so much. Thank you for your contribution to her journey. I am happy that we will return to keep it going and that you will be there to help us. I know there where many difficult moments but you help push through it and you never stopped believing in what Josie could do. Thank you.

Most importantly, our dear Michigan family, Jeanie, Roger and Aunt Harriet. This whole experience would not have been possible without you all. Jeanie - my sweet and most helpful concierge. You have been my rock here. You have gone out on so many limbs to make it all work. You are the best. Aunt Harriet - without your willingness to allow us to use your beautiful home we could not have stayed. We enjoyed every moment we got to spend with you. We will cherish our time we have had with all of you forever. Theo, too!!

As we pack up and get ready to leave we are reminded of the great graces that have been bestowed upon us. We are thankful to all we have encountered. You strengthen our journey. We love you and will miss you. So Michigan, until April...good night and good bye, Jenny and Josie

PS. Friends and family in CA we can't wait to see you !!! Will update tomorrow night after we arrive in LA.

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  1. So very proud of all your hard work girls! You have come so far and worked so hard - Congrats!! Thank you keeping a Blog Jen, it has been very inspirational to be able to read about the progress and see the fun videos of Josie working so hard! Have a fabulous time at home with the family! Big Hugs and Happy Holidays Girls...Hope to see you soon
    xoxo- Raych