Thursday, November 5, 2009

I love canes

"I love canes" written on Przemek's window

As the old saying goes, the writing is on the wall...I love canes. I returned to this today and to great walking. Josie was so cooperative and strong with her walking today. The left side, especially her hand is getting stable enough to make the walking safer. I still wouldn't get a foot away from her just because she absolutely can't hit her head. Tonight when she practiced she was so smooth and stable she decided on her own to go farther then she needed to. She was proud at the ease of her walking.

One more "writing on the wall" incident...tonight Josie says to me,"hey mom, do you want to know about my seizures at therapy today?" She is helping me keep track because we are keeping count so the neurologist can see if the increase in meds is helping and I was at the dentist so I couldn't be there for all of therapy today. Of course I said yes please tell me. She says, "alright, so I would walk walk seizure, walk walk seizure, walk walk seizure." Need I say more?? The poor child is working her rear off and having to deal with seizures at the same time. Like I said, need I say more? I haven't been to med school, but I am going out on a limb and say that I don't think the current medication is effective any more. Ok neurologists, now what????

Before therapy today, Josie worked hard with Mrs. Bergman. She is doing well with her school work. Janey and Lory came over with Reggie. He is so adorable. This is a child the doctors told Janey would never talk. I think they should have said would never stop talking. He is amazing with incredible speech at 3 years old. He even has a sense of humor where he can joke and understand sarcasm. He is starting therapy at Pediatric Fitness in January. He should be running by this time next year. Anyway, he and Josie had a fun time army crawling around together. He would even hold her feet and say pull me Josie. Of course she loved this. To cute. Fun to have them over.

Two weeks from today Pibb comes and so does Grandma. We are so excited for this. I can't believe we are rounding third base and heading for home. Our 5 month adventure is coming to an end. What a We are going to finish strong. Good night and sweet dreams, Jenny and Josie

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  1. You are so amazing Jen and Jos! This made me smile. Keep up the good work guys. I love you!