Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2nd Grade Singing Concert

Josie's 2nd Grade Singing Concert

Josie and Dr. Kay showing him how she walks

Josie and Teresa in the recovery room. Poor Teresa had to have her head shaved again just when the hair was growing back from the last time. She is such a sweet angel.

What an adorable concert the 2nd graders put on today. Mrs. Roberts, their singing teacher, does such an amazing job with them. The kids love it and the songs are fun. Josie was very proud to stand up there with her canes. She didn't want me to be up there with her, but I don't trust her standing on her own yet. She sang her heart out and stood the whole time.

She is doing better in school and picking it up at a rapid pace. Her writing is getting to be more proficient and she is able to write quicker. Not up to the rest of the class but she is working very hard. She sure loves her friends and they her. Very cute.

After school, we went to Childrens Hospital for her orthopedic check up. She was delighted to walk into see them with her canes. The nurses were so excited to see her first. Of course Josie acted like it was not big deal. She expects herself to walk so she can't understand what all the fuss is about. They took hip, spine and neck xrays. Everything seems to be great. I have had some concern about why the feet are going numb when she sits on the carpet at school. Thankfully Dr. Kay isn't seeing anything unusual. She just might have a bony bottom that is causing her feet to fall asleep. We might try sitting her on a little pillow. Dr. Kay was happy to see that she is truly out of braces and that there was so much success in strengthening her feet and ankles in order to walk. He was impressed by the results from Michigan. He wrote a new prescription for us to continue with Liz here and completely supports our decision to continue with Michigan. He feels strongly that it does have to happen now. Now or never is the motto.

Just as we were finished with orthopedics Teresa was in the recovery room after having her shunts externalized. We begged them to let Josie come up to see her. They aren't allowing anyone under 16 to visit and they hardly ever let people visit in the recovery room. They were kind enough to allow Josie up there for a few minutes. As soon as Josie started talking to Teresa she opened her eyes. Josie was so sweet talking to her telling her how brave she was and how sweet she is. Teresa would keep opening her eyes to see her even though she was so tired from the anesthesia. Josie was telling Teresa that she was leaving and Teresa opened her eyes and just watched her kind of like no don't leave me here. I hope she gets out of ICU sooon and onto the floor so Josie can go visit again soon. They need each other especially when Teresa is trying to recover. It makes me want to cry they are so sweet to each other. What a bond that none of us will ever be able to understand. God is good to them.

After a long, but great day, I am even off to bed. Jenny and Josie

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