Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chasing Rainbows

Makena's Bowling Party

At lunch with Katie, Allison, Lilly and Audrey

At P.E. with Lilly and Rita

Josie using just one cane. Her friend Audrey and I wanted to see if she could do it. She took 5 steps without any assistance. Don't worry Przemek, I won't encourage this without your teaching!! Just a trail. However, seeing this I am very encouraged and positive you can get her to do this.

Josie and I got to witness the most amazing site on our drive home from therapy. There was a full rainbow that was following us for about 5 minutes. We got to see where it started and where it ended the whole time. Unfortunately, we aren't any richer because there wasn't a pot of gold on either side...bummer. It was an awesome site none the less.

After a big day of wet and rainy school we made our way to therapy. We were in torrential down pour the whole way out. We just slowed way down and meandered on over to Liz's. On the way home it was clearer. I still can't complain because at least it isn't snow.

After therapy, we got to go to Makena Walkett's bowling birthday party. Josie had a ball bowling. She, Audrey Raulli and Makena had quite a game going. Cute Natalie, who is only 3 years old, would throw the ball down the lane and sit and watch it slowly roll down. After it would hit the pins she would do a little dance. Wish I had it on video. To cute. I will post some pictures above. Thanks Walkletts for having us!!

I just received an email from my friend in Michigan, Janie Livingston who runs Healing the Children there and has also adopted an adorable little boy, Reggie from Haiti. She and her family do a lot of work in Haiti and thanks be to God the main orphanages that she is involved in the children and staff all survived. Anyway, her dad will be on Good Morning America tomorrow around 8 am reporting from Haiti. Look for the piece if you are around a TV at that time. She also has an organization that is doing direct relief efforts. If anyone can donate let me know and I will send you the website. Our prayers continue to be with them and my God help them get through this.

Josie's sister, Teresa, went into shunt failure again. The Cajas's tool her to Childrens Hospital LA's emergency room last night. Through tests they realized that the reservoir in her shunt was failing. She was taken into surgery around noon with Dr. Mark Krieger. I just spoke with the recovery room nurse and she said the surgery went well and she has been in recovery since 2:00 waiting for a bed to open up on the floor. It is so hard to watch sweet Teresa go through so much. She is such a fighter. Hopefully, this will be a quick stay and she will go home feeling better. Please keep her in your prayers. We love her so much.

Off to bed so I can get ready for another day at 2nd grade. So much fun and so cute. Night, Jenny and Josie.

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  1. You two never cease to amaze me! So much going yet you still get to do the fun stuff, like bowling and hanging out with friends! Cute pictures! Josie, i love your pink polka dot skirt, very cute! Hope all is well and you both are learning lots in the second grade! Miss you girls!
    xoxo - Raych